Client: Zoetis - Cat Pain IQ

The only technology capable of outsmarting cats.

Many cats suffer from osteoarthritis (OA) pain. But how can you tell if your cat is one of them? Now there’s a digital tool to help—Cat Pain IQ. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to screen for signs of OA pain. Then, it connects you with experts to talk more about the findings. All you need to do to get started is take a video of your cat at home.


Nearly 40% of cats are showing signs of OA pain. Previously, the only way to screen for signs of OA pain was to take your cat to the veterinarian, which as owners know, is not an easy task. Even if owners are able to get their cats to the veterinarian, cats typically act very differently than they would at home, making it difficult to determine if a cat is showing signs of OA pain.

So, we asked ourselves: what if there was a way to interpret what cats were feeling at home so they could get the help they need? The answer was Cat Pain IQ.

Approximately 32 million households in the US have cats.
40% of cats show signs of OA pain
50% of cat owners were compelled to visit their veterinarian when they recognized OA pain in their cats


Cat Pain IQ uses the power of Al to analyze a cat’s movements for signs of OA pain. To use the app, owners simply take a video of their cat and upload it to Cat Pain IQ. The Al analyzes the movements seen in the video and shares the findings with both the owner and veterinarian. Rigorous testing went into developing and training the technology, resulting in a life-changing tool for owners and their cats.

This app is a game changer.

- Veterinarian

What I like about this is that it is so clear; it shows that my cat may be showing signs of OA pain.

- Pet Owner